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Top storyParalympian Malathi K Holla was one among the recipients of the Annual Inspired Indian Foundation Awards 2014. Malathi was awarded for showing endless grit and determination all through her life -- be it in sports, social service or while dealing with the customers at her bank. Malathi who opted for voluntary retirement from Syndicate Bank, now focuses her energies on running the Mathru Foundation. In the photo she is interacting with actress Lakshmi Gopalaswamy at Raj Bhavan.
top story 2Sarangi legend Ustad Faiyaz Khan was also a recipient of the Annual Inspired Indian Foundation Awards 2014. He came limping to the event, still to recover from the accident he met with 2 years ago in which his wife and another relative died. But Ustad continued with his love for music and taught his wards from bed. He also launched a music academy in memory of his late wife.
Top storyHere's the full text of Dhanya's acceptance speech, minus the welcome para. Truly inspiring!
Let me first give you all brief introduction about myself.

I was born with a genetic disease commonly called, the ‘Brittle Bone Disease’. People with this disease have extremely fragile bones that they can break easily at any point of time, even as I speak. A slight bump can lead to a severe fracture. Many people with this disease are short, have twisted limbs and are unfortunately bound to their wheelchairs or beds.

Despite the problems that I have faced, I have always remained a happy and confident person only due to the strong willed efforts of my parents and blessings from the Almighty. I have learnt that one has to develop optimism, in order to be successful in life. My motto of ‘never give up’ is responsible for what I am today and what has brought me here, on to this platform.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards ‘Amrithavarshini Charitable Society’, which is the one and only organization in India, aiming to bring all children having this disease, under one roof. Amrithavarshini is what has guided me towards believing in myself. It has taught me that one can achieve anything and everything in this world, provided one is focused and determined. It is a 90 member organization based in Kerala, and I being a part of it hope that India will come to know of it one day.

I hope I can be a role model to all my fellow citizens who struggle to cope up with hardship. I have achieved this award, in spite of having, not suffering, the Brittle Bone disease.

I whole-heartedly congratulate all the other respectful individuals who have also earned this award.

In conclusion, I would like to say that, we as human beings have the right to dream, dream and dream. Everyone must follow their dreams! Remember, “Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from indomitable will”

Thank you!
top story 4Traffic constable Bhaskar was the most sought-after-man at the IIF Award function.
top story 5Dr Kota Harinarayana, father of India's Light Combat Aircraft (Tejas) programme, receiving the Inspired Indian Foundation Lifetime Achievement Awards 2014 from Karnataka Governor H R Bhardwaj. He was awarded for his selfless contribution towards India's aerospace programmes.
Top Story 682-year-old T J Thomas, the man who built some of the famous landmarks of Bangalore including IIM (B), Infant Jesus Church, Prestige Meridian, Brigade Towers, Biocon, Manipal Centre and Lido Mall receives the Annual Inspired Indian Foundation Award 2014. He was awarded for fighting for the rights of the visually-impaired wards of Divine School for the Blind for the last 40 years. He has been taking the landsharks head on while protecting the school.