2 ‘I’s in India. 2 ‘I’s in Inspired. In you, we find the next ‘I’.
To script a song for unsung heroes.
To take India forward.
An inspiring journey, beyond dreams...

Our Story
Soft Launch   launch-a-different-spirit   honour-for-honest
Soft launch of IIF in 2008   Launch of A Different Spirit in 2009   Honour for honest auto driver

A silent movement takes shape

Shantha TeacherThe Inspired Indian Foundation is the brainchild of a group of people who make a living out of writing. Most of us work in the Media and Communications domain and what binds us together is our passion and commitment to propel India’s future flights. We believe that if India has to change, WE must change first.

The soft launch of the Inspired Indian Foundation on April 14, 2008 was sans glitz, blitz, microphones and speeches. Two boat drivers – Rajesh and Prashant – launched the Foundation activities in the placid backwaters of Kerala as curious villagers looked on. Interestingly, Rajesh is a BA Economics graduate who became a boatman to support his family.

In 2009, the Inspired Indian Foundation was registered under the Indian Trusts Act, with the charter of celebrating unsung heroes. Operating from a rented premises of one of the founding members in Bangalore, IIF launched its first project in 2009, with A Different Spirit –  an inspiring biography of paraplegic Olympic athlete Malathi K Holla. For the last five years, the IIF has kept its activities under the publicity radar, with the sole aim of focussing on charity work on the ground level, sans noise.