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Billion Beats is a beautiful Idea: Guru Kalam

Billion Beats is an e-paper initiated by former President of India Dr A P J Abdul Kalam. It was launched on November 14, 2007 (Children’s Day) from Karimnagar, in the presence of over one lakh students. The first nine issues of this e-paper was edited and designed from Bangalore and later, in 2008, the editorial base was shifted to New Delhi. However, the periodicity became irregular, with Guru Kalam’s team caught up in hectic schedule.

In October 2011, while addressing journalists at the Press Club of Bangalore, Dr Kalam expressed his desire to relaunch Billion Beats. Even just couple of days before his demise, he told his family members about the inspiring concept adopted by Billion Beats.

On October 11, 2015, while launching Dr A P J Abdul Kalam International Foundation in Chennai, his family members (House of Kalam, Rameswaram) decided to relaunch Billion Beats on November 14, 2015 – again on Children’s Day.

11-year-old Anushiya, a sixth standard student of St Joseph Higher Secondary School and daughter of a fisherman from Verkottu, releases the first edition of Billion Beats at House of Kalam in Rameswaram on the occasion of Children’s Day. She handed over the first copy to A P J M Maraikayar, 99-year-old elder brother of former President of India.

Accordingly, the editorial responsibilities were handed over to Inspired Indian Foundation to bring out the e-paper every month. The new-look Billion Beats sticks to the very principle Guru Kalam had in mind, when it was first launched in 2007. The core idea of this e-paper is to capture inspiring stories of Indians all across the globe.

Billion Beats is aimed at capturing positive stories, is indeed a beautiful idea. Billion Beats should spread the success of Indians and their glad tidings. We have islands of success in every field and we should connect them to make a garland.

The idea of Billion Beats is to make every Indian write. I am confident that Billion Beats would create knowledge connectivity among the people,” Guru Kalam had said. We will upload the PDF of Billion Beats every month and you may bookmark this page for all updates.

Enjoy reading Billion Beats and you are welcome to contribute inspiring success stories of Indians to: billionbeats@gmail.com and billionbeats@inspiredindianfoundation.org. You may also visit the official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BillionBeatsOfficial/
Let’s celebrate success the Write Way!

Issue-1: Billion Beats Relaunch Edition (Nov 2015)
Issue-2: Billion Beats Special Edition (Jan 2016)
Issue-3: Billion Beats Edition (Feb 2016)
Issue-4: Billion Beats Special Edition (May 2016)
Issue-5: Billion Beats Special Edition (October 2016)
Issue-6: Billion Beats Children's Day Edition (November 2016)
Issue-7: Billion Beats Year-End Edition (December 2016)
Issue-8: Billion Beats New Year Special Edition (January 2017)
Issue-9: Billion Beats Edition (February 2017)
Issue-10: Billion Beats Edition (March 2017)

On June 30, 2017, a dedicated website for Billion Beats was launched. You can visit the site here: www.billionbeats.in