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A Different Spirit
This inspiring biography of noted paraplegic athlete Malathi K. Holla is the Foundation’s maiden project. Launched on July 8, 2009, A Different Spirit captures the trials and turbulences of Malathi, who despite 32 surgeries and many setbacks in her life never gave up and won over 300 medals for India in various international championships

Written by senior journalist Anantha Krishnan M. and priced at Rs 300, A Different Spirit is been now hailed as one of the most inspiring stories of our times, by the Indian Media.

A few interesting excerpts:
*** “In 1994, I wasn't very well-known, but I had almost 150 certificates with me. I kept all my certificates on Dr Manmohan Singh’s table. I told him I wanted to buy a car and needed excise duty exemption that was available to me. (Dr Singh was the finance minister then.)

I think he had a tough day at Parliament. He asked me if these were indeed my certificates. I said yes. He then shot a question, "How can I believe that these are yours?" I was outraged. I become livid if anyone questions my honesty or hard work. And to think that this question was being raised after I had travelled for 46 hours in a train that was so unfriendly to the differently-abled that I couldn't even use the toilet! You can imagine my mental state then.I looked him straight in the face and said, "How can I believe, Sir, that you are Manmohan Singh?" He was taken aback. "What do you mean?" he demanded.”

*** “We went to meet Mrs Margaret Alva, who was the Sports Minister then. She was upset and disappointed because our athletes had failed to perform in the regular Olympics. They had not even reached the finals, not even P.T. Usha.

We requested her to clear the papers as we had only two days left to travel. All of a sudden, she asked me, "Do you think you are P.T. Usha?" This, when I was in a wheelchair! I replied evenly: "Kindly don't compare me to P.T. Usha or anybody else. P.T. Usha is P.T. Usha. Malathi Holla is Malathi Holla. Neither can P.T. Usha sit in a wheelchair and race, nor can Malathi Holla wear spikes and run.”

Anyway, at the Paralympics, I was the only one from our team to reach the finals of the 200-metre wheelchair race. I set a record of 56:10 seconds. It is the best by an Indian female athlete, and that record still hasn't been broken. I'm proud of that.”
About the Author :
Ananth Krishnan Hailing from a sleepy village Kuttemperoor in Kerala's picturesque backwaters in Alapuzha district, Anantha Krishnan M. was born to teacher-parents. He did his high school from S.K.V.H.S. and strayed into Journalism at the age of 19 after leaving a BE course mid-way in Latur. He started his career as a freelance journalist in Hyderabad with local dailies until the dream call came from Deccan Chronicle in 1993. After a couple of years working with Deccan Chronicle, he moved to Chennai, to take up a short assignment with Asianet news channel during the 1998 General Election. Later, he joined The Times of India, Bangalore, and headed the Metro Desk till 2005, with specialization in defence and aviation.

He joined Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) in 2005 as its Chief of Media Communications and Official Spokesperson. While setting up the Corporate Communications concept in the Company, he launched two publications, Minsk Square Matters and The Plane, to brand HAL globally.

A disciple of former President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, Anantha Krishnan was instrumental in launching Dr Kalam's e-paper Billion Beats in 2007. He is currently the Hon. Editor of Billion Beats.

During this period, he wrote a column 'Simply Serious' in the Bangalore Mirror. In 2010, he joined US-based defence magazine Aviation Week as the Senior Aerospace and Defence Correspondent and was part of the launch team that set up a microsite with India focus. In 2011, he came onboard The New Indian Express, Bangalore as a Special Correspondent covering Defence and Aerospace beats. In Express, he anchored a popular series Precious Souls, dedicated to special children and their families.

In 2012 October, he was conferred the PhD Degree in Journalism and Communication from Mysore University for his thesis that looked into the communication patterns of a defence set-up.

In 2014, he began writing as a Consulting Editor for a number of media houses on matters related to Aerospace and Defence. In 2015, he was selected as a Post-Doctoral Fellow (PDF) by the University of Mysore.

Anantha Krishnan spearheads the Inspired Indian Foundation, a silent movement that supports unsung heroes and achievers. He anchors India's leading aerospace and defence blog Tarmak007, which has close to over 6 million followers (as per online stats), since its launch in 2010. The blog also can be accessed on FB: https://www.facebook.com/Tarmak007/

A Different Spirit is his first book and in 2015 the 6th edition was brought out globally by Partridge India, a sister publishing firm of Penguin. The book is now available on Flipkart, Amazon and other online retail channels. You can reach the author at: anantha.ak@gmail.com or ak.tarmak007@gmail.com or anantha@inspiredindianfoundation.org. Twitter: @writetake